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About Shawn Gregory:

Check out Shawn's blog at http://www.shawngregorymountainbiker.blogspot.com

USA Cycling International License (UCI)
Pro - Endurance/XC #0182216

Athletic Achievements


Colorado Trail Race CTR - 470 Miles and 65,000' of elevation gain on technical high altitude singletrack on a singlespeed mountain bike. http://www.climbingdreams.net/ctr/

  • Finished in 5 days 15 hours and 44 minutes



Team Crank and Burn RAAM '07 Highlight Video from Tyler Apanell on Vimeo.

 RAAM (Race Across America) – Oceanside CA to Atlantic City NJ - www.raceacrossamerica.org  (I broke my clavicle riding my mountain bike 14 days before the race and had a titanium plate put in, still never missed a turn and additionally participated filling in for a rider with high altitude sickness for over 24 hours)
  • 4th place, 4 person team 2007, 3050 Miles

24 Hours in the old pueblo mountain bike race - Tucson AZ, www.epicrides.com 

  • 1st place Single Speed Solo, 15 Laps, 245+ miles, 24:00 riding time, 18,000’ Elevation gain. 2011
  • 2nd place Single Speed Solo, 16 Laps, 260+ miles, 24:31 riding time, 19,200’ Elevation gain. 2010
  • 3rd place Single Speed Solo, 17 Laps, 280+ miles, 25:00 riding time, 20,000’ Elevation gain. 2012
  • Participated in this event 4 times in both duo and team categories including 5th place Single Speed 4 person team, 2009 and 8th place Duo Pro Male, 2008

24 Hours in the Sage – Gunnison CO, www.24hoursinthesage.com

  • 1st place single speed solo, 2010 (2nd out of all solo categories including gears), 17 Laps 230 miles, 23 Hours 30 Minutes without resting, Elevation Gain 24,723 ft., Stats http://connect.garmin.com/activity/46121840
  • 1st place single speed solo, 2009, 17 Laps, 230 Miles
  • 3rd place Single Speed Solo, 2008, 210 Miles


24 hours of Moab mountain bike race – Moab UT, www.grannygear.com

  • 2nd place in the Solo Singlespeed USAC national championship category at the 24 Hours of Moab.  (Also, had the 5th fastest time out of all the solo categories including geared bikes), 16 laps which was a record amount of laps for the singlespeed category,  Time 26 1/2 hours without resting, 238.56 miles and 21,760’ of elevation gain.  2nd place USA Cycling national ranking.
  • 4th place Single Speed Solo 24 Hours of Moab USA Cycling National Championship podium finish, 14 Laps, 209 Miles, 25:53 riding time, 19040’ Elevation gain.
  • Participated in this event 9 times in both solo and team categories including a 2nd place team finish in the 2006 24 hours of Moab

Dawn to Dusk 12 hour mountain bike race, Gallup NM, www.dawntilduskrace.com

  • 1st place Single Speed Solo 40+ 2011
  • 1st place Single Speed Solo 0-39, 2010, 124 Miles, 12484’ Elevation gain.
  • 1st place Single Speed Solo, 2008, 112 Miles, 11,184’ Elevation gain  (I got frostbite on both thumbs during this race)
  • (Entered 2009 but race was cancelled due to the weather)

12 Hours of Mesa Verde mountain bike race - Cortez CO, www.12hoursofmesaverde.com

  • 3rd place Single Speed Solo overall, 2011 115 Miles, 11,158' elevation gain. Brutal race! Had a bad crash 3 weeks before the race and road with a rib injury. Led the first 60 miles then dropped to 3rd. The most pain I have ridden with that I can remember. Just happy to get on the podium.
  • 1st place Single Speed Solo overall, 2010, 131 Miles, 12,752’ elevation gain.  (Also finished 2nd out of all 119 solo racers, including all the geared bikes and had the fastest single speed solo lap time)
  • 2nd place Single Speed Solo, 2009, 131 Miles, 12,752’ elevation gain.
  • 4th place Single Speed Solo, 2008, 115 Miles, 11,158’ elevation gain.  (I started the race late because I had to fix a problem with the race timing computer program, also bent my chain ring and had to run 6 miles with the bike on a lap and road with a broken ring finger from a hockey game the week before)
  • 3rd place Single Speed Solo, 2007, 115 Miles, 8,547’ elevation gain

2011 Bailey Hundo

2011 Breckenridge 100

2010 Vapor Trail 125

  • 5th place against the single speeds and 21st overall, Distance 125.3 Miles, 18 Hours 50 Minutes, Elevation Gain: 17,620 ft.  Stats link http://connect.garmin.com/activity/49232863 and spot adventure link.  50 racers started at 10:00PM in Salida Colorado.  There is a two hour hike-a-bike topping out just under 13,000' at around 4:00AM with temps at 11 degrees. 

CT Classic, Colorado Trail race Molas pass to Durango. 75 Miles, 10,000 ft elevation gain.  www.ctjamboree.com

  • 1st place overall on a single speed (Geared and Single Speed all ages), Time: 10 hours 42 minutes, Distance: 75 mi, Elevation Gain 11,146 ft.  This is a great race and is a fundraiser for MS. 
  • Fastest single speed time of 10:08 at the race and the new record for the fastest single speed time in race history.  5th overall with geared bikes.

Kokopelli Trail mountain bike race - Moab UT to Fruita CO, 144 Miles

  • 2nd in the Single Speed category

Purgatory challenge mountain bike race - Durango CO, www.gravityplay.com

  • 3rd in the Single Speed, 14th overall, 50 Miles (Single speed is not officially separated from geared but the top single speeders were recognized)

Escalante Days mountain bike race - Dolores CO, www.doloresrotary.org/race/race.html

  • 1st Single Speed Expert/Pro, 2009
  • 1st Single Speed Expert/Pro, 2008
  • 1st Single Speed Expert/Pro, 2007

Arizona USAC XC Point Series

  • 1st place 2011 MBAA & USA Cycling Arizona Points Series – McDowell Meltdown, Cat 1 Open Single Speed
  • 1st place 2011 MBAA & USA Cycling Arizona Points Series – Hedgehog Hustle, Cat 1 Open Single Speed
  • 3rd place 2010 MBAA & USA Cycling Arizona Points Series – Global Bikes McDowell Meltdown, Cat 1 Open Single Speed

Other Races

  • 1st place 2010 Dirt Devil at McDowell, Singlespeed Marathon category
  • 1st place 2010 Arizona Endurance Series, McDowell 60, Singlespeed
  • Bear Creek Beat Down mountain bike race – Rico CO, 2nd place, Only two riders finished, 2009, 90 Miles 16 Hours

Other riding achievements:

  • The Death Ride (Road bike) – San Juan Alpine Loop Dolores>Telluride>Ridgeway>Ouray>Silverton>Durango>Mancos>Dolores 236 Miles

Motorcycle racing:

  • Competed in over 200 motorcycle races with the following highlights.  2005 Baja 1000 5th place team finish (Toughest motorcycle race in the world), 1st place overall amateur class 1986 for the Rocky Mountain Region, & 3rd place overall pro class 1987 for the Rocky Mountain Region

Cycling Community Participation

  • Created a mountain bike specific guide map for the area with ride descriptions.  www.bigloopmaps.com
  • Participated in building a large portion of the mountain bike trails in the area.  Currently volunteer 1 evening a week to trail building and maintenance.
  • Work directly with the forest service regarding the local non-motorized trail system designation.
  • Working with the forest service to propose new mountain bike trail opportunities in the area.
  • Donated time to build and install mountain bike fence crossing gates on the local trail system
  • Member of the bike race comity for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde.  Wrote and maintains the race timing software.  (Wife is the race director)  www.12hoursofmesaverde.com
  • Manufactured and donated bike racks for the town of Dolores CO to promote bike commuting.  Press; http://www.fourcornersfreepress.com/news/2005/050502.htm  


Lives a mile down a remote dirt road in southwest Colorado with wife Dani and their 3 year old daughter Ava.  No shopping centers or interstate highways anywhere near but hundreds of miles of trails out the front door.  Owner/founder of Tuffy Security Products a manufacturer of metal Sheet, Plate, and tubing products with processes including laser cutting, CNC punching & forming, CNC tube forming, Powder coating & robotic welding.  Winner of the 1998 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award.

Avid single speed mountain bike racer.  Started out riding BMX bikes as a kid then was a successful supercross motorcycle racer.  Gradually moved from riding motorcycles to mountain bikes as a preference and occasionally raced them.  Relocated to southwest Colorado to concentrate on mountain bike riding and racing.  Then made a switch to racing single speed mountain bikes and now almost always rides and races a single speed mountain bike.

Enjoys trail building and maintenance.  Volunteers hundreds of hours to local trail system improvements.  Attends public land meetings and works closely with the public lands office to recognize mountain bike trails and propose new mountain bike trail opportunities.  Created and published a map to promote mountain bike routes in the area.

Other interests include Hockey (Durango “A” level league champions), skate skiing and Telemark Skiing.